Lead With Your Strengths and Build Your Personal Brand

I’ve had several discussions with people considering their next career or business move, and the main feeling that people have shared with me is fear of the unknown (contrasted with a touch of excitement). This [...]

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Building Teams – How to Achieve Excellence

Building teams, at its core, is about allowing people to work together in a collaborative way and having respect for one another. Strengths Based Workshops are designed to inspire and help each team member feel [...]

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Performance reviews – Rewarding experience? Are they even necessary?

I would say that most people walk into a review feeling nervous and anxious about what is going to be said. Generally, the sense is that their weaknesses are going to be exposed and the [...]

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Running a family business – emotional but rewarding

Growing up with parents who ran their own business, and then working within that business for over 17 years, I feel I’m qualified to understand the complex but ultimately rewarding nature of family businesses. At [...]

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