How Millenials Want to Work and Live

This is a big topic and intended to provide a springboard for discussions to increase leadership and engagement outcomes. 71% of millenials are either not engaged or actively disengaged in the workplace - this is a staggering statistic and a subject to be explored. In reviewing the information in this article, I am super cautious [...]

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Building Teams – How to Achieve Excellence

Building teams, at its core, is about allowing people to work together in a collaborative way and having respect for one another. Strengths Based Workshops are designed to inspire and help each team member feel empowered and “seen”. Why Strengths? A person’s talents and strengths are their feelings, thoughts and behaviours that come naturally and [...]

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Performance reviews – Rewarding experience? Are they even necessary?

I would say that most people walk into a review feeling nervous and anxious about what is going to be said. Generally, the sense is that their weaknesses are going to be exposed and the manager will point out what they haven’t done, rather than focus on what they have done. Well that was my [...]

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Running a family business – emotional but rewarding

Growing up with parents who ran their own business, and then working within that business for over 17 years, I feel I’m qualified to understand the complex but ultimately rewarding nature of family businesses. At one time our family business included Mum and Dad, who started the business in 1975 (full disclosure – the year [...]

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More time on – Less time in

As business owners we are likely all guilty of spending more time than we should “in the business” (doing the business as usual, day-to-day tasks) instead of “on the business” (developing strategy, brain-storming, making pro-active decisions). It’s easy to assume that the importance of day-to-day tasks, like ensuring orders are processed and that customers are [...]

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Talking to a friend or mentor about work can help you improve job satisfaction

Valentine’s Day inspired me to have a think about the relationships we often form at work. While sometimes, as Barnaby Joyce has discovered, these relationships can get you into trouble, for the most part there are genuine benefits that come from connecting with the people you work with. The workplace can provide friendships, networking relationships [...]

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What employees want now and how to do away with the past!

The way of the past is all about being grateful to have a job and to get a paycheck. You had a boss and you had your annual reviews. The review would focus on weaknesses and you had your life that you could escape to once the job was done for the day. Does this [...]

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Why do I use strengths when coaching my clients?

As a coach, I use many different tools to help my clients. These tools range from Values Based questioning, to person-centered approach, journaling and setting goals, etc. One of the most effective tools that I have experienced is being able to help my clients to name their strengths, claim their strengths and then help them [...]

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