Have you ever compared yourself to someone and wondered why something is so ridiculously easy to them yet for you it seems so hard? Or conversely, you are inspired by something where as others may find the task boring.

At Coaching With Cath we celebrate differences and focus on helping clients make sense of how they can use these talents as their “Super Powers”.

Research has proven the best opportunity for people to grow and develop is to identify the ways in which they most naturally think, feel and behave and then build on their talents to create strengths.  To become our best selves, we must increase our understanding of our talents.

Understanding our talents help us to understand who we are.

  • They describe us
  • They influence our choices
  • They direct our actions
  • They explain why we are better at some things than others
  • They help us filter our world
  • They are the source of our best opportunity for excellence

This doesn’t mean we ignore our weaknesses, but it does mean people should discover more about their talents and how they can affect their relationships and performance.

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