As business owners we are likely all guilty of spending more time than we should “in the business” (doing the business as usual, day-to-day tasks) instead of “on the business” (developing strategy, brain-storming, making pro-active decisions).

It’s easy to assume that the importance of day-to-day tasks, like ensuring orders are processed and that customers are happy, take absolute priority. This work is very important, but an unfortunate side-effect of it being the “norm” is that it can take all of the time and energy you have, thus reducing or even eliminating your ability to focus on being an owner/manager of your business.

If you are going to take time away from the business as usual aspects of your company – to have a think about how you can improve what you do, diversify your product/service range, or look at new tools you can use, etc. – you need to ensure you’re using your time effectively, setting achievable goals and getting results, for you and your team.

Our Business Coaching program allows you to do exactly that.

We focus on establishing a plan and a direction for how you can make positive changes to both how you approach doing things, and how you track and measure results.

The Gallup StrengthsFinder program is a tool we use to assess an individual’s natural talents. The results can then be used to enhance performance and engagement with employees, suppliers and customers.

If you’ve been thinking about taking a different approach to how you manage your organisation, get in touch with Coaching With Cath and let’s work together to improve your results.

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