As a coach, I use many different tools to help my clients.

These tools range from Values Based questioning, to person-centered approach, journaling and setting goals, etc.

One of the most effective tools that I have experienced is being able to help my clients to name their strengths, claim their strengths and then help them to aim their strengths in a way that is powerful and creates real results.

I have seen the results and received feedback from clients to confirm the benefits.

An example is having recently coached a client that has strong analytical skills, helping to understand how to use his strengths to discuss his career and pay opportunities. We worked to understand the changes that he was looking to achieve from his career and in using his unique set of strengths we were able to aim them towards a goal which resulted in him receiving a 20% pay increase.

I am acutely aware that with so many unique and beautiful ways to think there are what we call thinking strengths that require facts and figures to substantiate the use of this tool.

Strengths-based coaching helps the individual to lead confidently using their unique talents, in spite of the pressure to behave how they thought people wanted them to.

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